DragonBoard is a fire-rated, UL certified structural subfloor panel.

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Noncombustible Floor-Ceiling Assembly
UL G575

DragonBoard structural subfloor may be used with any of the following compontents as listed in Underwriters Laboratories (UL) design G575:

Structural Options:

  • C-shaped cold-formed steel joists
  • 9/16" steel deck
  • Back-to-back c-shaped cold-formed steel trusses
  • Proprietary cold-formed steel trusses: from Aegis, Alpine/TrusSteel, FrameCAD or Keymark

Nonstructural Options in Floor Assemblies:

  • Acoustical mats
  • Acoustical isolation clips
  • Batt insulation

DragonBoard UL G575
UL G575 As Shown:
1. ¾” thick flooring system designated “DragonBoard”
2. Cold-Formed Steel Joist or Truss
3. Joist Bridging (not shown)
4. Clip Angles (not shown)
5. 3 ½” glass fiber batt insulation
6. Resilient metal channels spaced 12” o.c.
7. 2 layers of ⅝” gypsum board on ceiling side

 Download UL-G575: PDF | 845 kb
Or Login to UL Product IQ to View G575

UL G575 Assembly:

  • Fire Rating:    2 hours
  • System STC:     59
  • System IIC:        50

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DragonBoard offers AIA continuing education credits for Architects and Specifiers.

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DragonBoard MgO Subflooring is the greener choice - environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

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The Ideal Solution

DragonBoard is the ideal solution for your most demanding projects.
It is the only construction panel that provides all of these features in one remarkable product.

Class A fire-rated and load-bearing equal to cement board and poured concrete.
Class A fire-rated and load-bearing equal to cement board and poured concrete.

DragonBoard is a UL-Approved Fire-Proof construction panel. - UL G575 and UL 055 ASTM-Tested and A-Rated

Mold, fungus, insect-free per ASTM G21
Mold, fungus, insect-free per ASTM G21

DragonBoard is non-nutrient to mold, fungus, and insects ASTM G-21

Highly Water Resistant
Highly Water Resistant

DragonBoard has been freeze/thaw-Tested for 36 months. Will not disintegrate when immersed in water or exposed to freeze/thaw cycles for prolonged periods of time.

Interior or Exterior Use
Interior or Exterior Use

DragonBoard recommended assemblies consist of exterior wall, interior wall, shaftwall, steel column, staircase, ceiling/floor, and roofing.

Sound Suppressing and Impact Resistant
Sound Suppressing and Impact Resistant

Impact-Resistant - ASTM D-5628
Sound Transmission Class-Rated 53-54

Silica, VOC, and Asbestos Free
Silica, VOC, and Asbestos Free

DragonBoard is manufactured from mineral components and water. It contains:
No organic solvents
No oils
No toxic ingredients
No heavy metal salts
No asbestos


Substantial savings realized due to reduced labor costs. The smooth surface can be painted or wallpapered directly and the textured side is ready for ceramic tile applications.

Approved for use in New York City
Approved for use in New York City

DragonBoard is listed in the Materials and Equipment Acceptance (MEA) Index for New York City.

Eco Friendly
Eco Friendly

DragonBoard is manufactured with sustainability in mind. The entire manufacturing process is conducted at room temperature.

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