The DragonBoard FAQ
Frequently asked questions about our Fire Rated MgO board.
  • When should I use DragonBoard? +
    Dragonboard is the most cost-effective fire rated replacement for poured concrete in floors and roof decks as well as walls where high impact fire rated surfaces are required. It allows rapid installation for accelerated schedules while giving architects and contractors a sustainable product that is silica free and mold intolerant.
  • How do I finish DragonBoard +
    Dragonboard subflooring will accept almost all floorings from carpet to wood to resilient products such as luxury vinyl. DragonBoard decking works well with a wide range of waterproofing systems that allow foot traffic. In high impact walls, it can be finished similarly to drywall.
  • What sizes are available? +
    Dragonboard subflooring and decking is available in ¾” (18mm) thickness and dimensions of 4’x 8 ‘. It can be special ordered in other sizes.
  • Is it a sustainable building product? +
    DragonBoard is very ‘green’ in comparison to competitive products. While Portland cement based board products use tremendous amounts of energy in their manufacture, DragonBoard uses a room temperature process that uses a small fraction of energy in comparison. With no silica, it does not pose the same threat to workers when cutting or sanding. Its mold resistance is exemplary.
  • How does it handle and cut? +
    DragonBoard can be cut with a circular saw using off the shelf blades specific to cement board.
  • How do I treat the seams? +
    Dragonboard comes with a shiplap edge for a tighter fit, faster installation, and without the problems of compromised tongue or grooves. See installation instructions for more details.

    Installation Instructions
  • What colors and finishes are available? +
    DragonBoard comes in off-white with both a glassy smooth side and a rougher side with superior adhesion characteristics on both.
  • How do I fasten dragonboard? +
    There are a variety of off the shelf screws in coil, belt, and loose, widely available – see instructions for details.

    Installation Instructions
  • Is pre-drilling necessary? +
    No, predrilling is not necessary.
  • Is DragonBoard heavy? +
    DragonBoard is about 20% lighter than Portland-based boards of equal strength.
  • Is DragonBoard expensive? +
    DragonBoard is extremely cost-effective. In many applications, DragonBoard can save 40-50% over poured concrete.
  • Can I get LEED points for using DragonBoard? +
    Yes, DragonBoard is categorized in LEED’s Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ) Section.
  • How can I be sure I am getting Genuine DragonBoard? +
    Be sure you purchase DragonBoard from a reputable dealer and make sure you see the DragonBoard® trademark on every board.

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