DragonBoard® ¾” Sub-flooring

Handling & Storage - DragonBoard should be stored in a cool dry place as with any other sheet goods. Boards should be carried on their side and care taken to avoid abusing corners and shiplap edges.

Placement - All panels should be staggered with a 1/16” (1.5mm) gap – the thickness of a penny-. between boards to accommodate movement when attached to CFS and 1/8” when attached to wood. . Use dunnage plywood on top of the installed DragonBoard to protect it during the construction phase.

Fasteners - Cold-Formed Steel CFS - #8 fine thread self-tapping flat head screw with ‘nibs’ such as Simpson CBSDQ, GrabberCGH8158LG or equivalent. The drill wings on the tip prevent board uplift (for use into steel 18ga.or thicker only) while the ‘nibs’ countersink the head resulting in a tighter, smoother finish.

Grabber CGH8158LG sheathing to CFS

Simpson CBSDQ sheathing to CFS

Board Orientation - DragonBoard is smooth on one side and rough on the other. Both surfaces are working surfaces.

Seams - When laying resilient flooring such as VCT, Vinyl plank or Linoleum over DragonBoard, all seams should be filled with a polyurea or modified epoxy seam filler and shaved or sanded flush to create a uniformly smooth surface to avoid “telegraphing” uneven joints to the wear surface.

Underlayment - in certain circumstances underlayment, isolation membranes and seam bridging membranes are called for. Always follow manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Wood - High/low thread, flat head screw with ‘nibs’ such as Simpson CB3BLGHL collated screw

Simpson CB3BLGHL sheathing to wood

Fastener Spacing - Fasteners should be placed 3/4' -5/8” (15-18mm) from board edge and never closer than ½” (12mm) A flange size of 2” (50mm) is highly recommended. Fasteners should be placed every 8” inches on the perimeter and 12” in the field

Edge support - all edges should be supported by framing

Cutting - DragonBoard can be cut with either hand or power saws. We suggest the use of blades specifically made for cement board such as Irwin 6Tor Diablo PCD blades. Always support both ends while cutting. Always wear safety glasses and a dust mask.

Adhesives - DragonBoard shiplap seams should have a ¼” bead of adhesive applied before placement of the next sheet. Do not allow adhesive to skin over.

Use ASTM D3498 compliant adhesives such as:

  • PEMCO 5100 non-flammable, solvent free, zero V.O.C., polyurethane adhesive
  • BOSTICH Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive
  • OSI SF450 Heavy Duty Subfloor & Construction Adhesive
  • LOCTITE PL 400 Subfloor Adhesive/ Loctite PL Premium Polyurethane Adhesive

Rev.2.01 This replaces all previous versions.

Please contact your rep with any questions